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Bill McClain:

Bill and Pat McClain have operated Atlanta Violins since its inception in 1993.

Bill has been involved in the music business since 1975, as a teacher, repair person, and store owner.

While our shop is a full service facility, including sales and rentals, Bill’s main interest is in repair and restoration. Bill has spent several summers at the Violin Craftsmanship Institute in New Hampshire and, more recently, at Hans Nebel’s repair and restoration workshops in Massachusetts.

Perfecting repair technique is a lifetime job, much like learning to play a stringed instrument. At Atlanta Violins our goal is to always work toward providing the highest degree of professional work at a reasonable price.


Matt Phillips:

Matt Phillips is the newest partner at Atlanta violins, joining Bill and Pat as an owner in 2005.

Like Bill, Matt is a student of Hans Nebel's repair and restoration workshops in Massachusetts.

Matt heads our repair department and handles almost all customer work.  He is in charge of all "touchup" jobs, perhaps the most difficult of all procedures in violin repair.


Pat McClain:

Prior to her retirement, co-owner Pat McClain handled all of the bow work at Atlanta Violins. She spent the better part of 2 decades rehairing and repairing bows, having studied for several summers at The Violin Craftsmanship Institute in New Hampshire, and more recently at Michael Vann's workshop in Victoria, BC.

Pat continues to assist Atlanta Violins during our busiest seasons, as well as helping out on a fill-in basis, as needed.


Isaac Stroupe:

Isaac Stroupe hails from the beautiful hills of North Carolina.  He loves all things old-time music, and has the oldest heart ever found in a strapping young man.  Isaac started as our cabin boy, but progressed quickly and now has become an impressive luthier and archetier in his own right.

Since Pat's retirement, Isaac handles virtually all of the bow work at Atlanta Violins, having received extensive training under Pat's watchful eye.  Bow rehairing is a highly specialized skill which requires one person giving it their full attention. Usually a bow brought in will be ready for you the following day. If necessary a "loaner" bow can be arranged.


Megan Hallam:

Megan Hallam wears multiple hats at Atlanta Violins, working as our office manager and cello specialist. She has extensive experience in office management and customer service, which lends itself perfectly to her position with Atlanta Violins.  She has worked in both the non-profit and private sectors throughout her career, much of which has focused on various aspects of music and fine arts.

Megan’s background in music includes both management and performance. A student of Kathleen Kee (ASO) and Martha Gerschefski, she has performed with organizations throughout the southeast and is currently a member of the Georgia Philharmonic.


Miroslav Tubic:

Miroslav Tubic is our rental shop manager, bass specialist, and school instrument repair technician. He repairs and adjusts all of our rental program instruments as well as instruments from area schools.

Miro also plays a mean bass and will be happy to answer any questions you might have about purchasing a bass of your own.

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